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Privacy Policy

Section 1 Privacy Policy

Maintaining privacy of all visitors to our website at www.thebootseller.co.uk is very important.

The following policy outlines how we use and protect the information you provide.

By purchasing a product or registering on this website, you are consenting to the potential transfer, collection and use of information thus stored.



When you register on http://www.thebootseller.co.uk to make your purchase, you will be asked to provide obligatory information such as your name and address, together with relevant credit/debit card details.

The main use of the information provided will enable us to contact you regarding any issues related to your Order. This information will be stored, together with any Emails or messages that you may post. In addition, we may also contact you with regards to new products or services that we feel may be of interest.

Please note:  We may record incoming calls for staff training purposes and/or as part of our ongoing drive to maintain high levels of customer service.



The information we as the seller, obtain from you may be made available to a third party, charged with providing ongoing support services. These services may be in the form of Credit card processing or handling Goods prior to, or including Shipment.

In the unlikely event that the company is sold or merged with another, or becomes part of a joint venture, the details we have on file about you may be passed to the new owners or the new business partners.

Our policy though, is never to sell, distribute or share any information outside of the above requisite without your full consent, other than that which is required by governing bodies or legal entities.



We make sure that the information we hold is protected, and access is denied to unauthorised individuals and organisations. The information will be kept for a minimum of 84 days or longer if it is a legal requirement.



Future changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted on the Website.



If you want to see the information we hold about you, you may do so. There is a £25.00 fee for this service. Please be aware that we will need to obtain security clearance from your Bank before passing on this information. 


Even if it is implied in data sheets or in a company catalogue, our range of Safety Boots and Safety Shoes are not sold for any specific or particular purpose. Any implied warranty relating to the fitness for purpose and/or quality of any of the Safety Boots and Safety Shoes, is excluded as are all implied terms and conditions relating to the same. Brand images used online are the exclusive property of the manufacturer and are protected by Copyright. Whilst every effort has been made to replicate the quality of the imagery, the seller is not liable whatsoever to the buyer directly or indirectly for any differences that may occur between the image shown and the actual product supplied.

If there is a breach of contract by the seller , we, the seller, shall not be in any way liable to the purchaser for any consequential or indirect loss experienced by the purchaser, and or any expense(s), (including loss of profit) suffered by the purchaser relating to this breach of contract. In the unlikely event of a breach of contract by the seller, the buyer is restricted to remedies in the form of damages only, and the liability of the seller shall not exceed the price of the goods under any circumstance.

VAT Information

Whilst in general terms all Safety Shoes are subject to VAT, in the case of Safety Boots, there are exceptions to the rule and they are not generally Vatted: for clarification please refer to the article below issued by the National Advice Centre.

Exemption clause: The footwear can be zero-rated when all the following criteria is met.

  1. The article must be Boots.
  2. They must be manufactured to the appropriate European or British Standard.
  3. They must bear a mark indicating conformity with those standards.
  4. They must be for Industrial use.
  5. They must not be supplied to persons for use by their employees.

The British Standards Institute defines a Boot as having a minimum leg height of 90mm, measured vertically from the Insole at the back. The European Standard gives the minimum height of the upper (measured vertically from the upper at the back) of 103mm for a size 36 EUR (UK 3) and below, through to a minimum height of the upper of 121mm for a size EUR 45 (11 UK) and above.

Source:  Article RB/1111/S46554    HM Customs & Excise.

By placing an order on www.thebootseller.co.uk you accept that you understand the VAT regulations and are eligible for zero-rated safety footwear.

The Boot Seller, are totally committed to excellent customer service. If you have any suggestions as to how we might make improvements to this site or our overall service, please contact us at:  sales@thebootseller.co.uk


UK Mainland only.

A ‘Small Order’ Charge of £8.34 (Gross) will be added to orders for shipping within the UK mainland.

Offshore deliveries

For Shipping charges for offshore dependencies i.e. Outer Hebrides, Northern Ireland etc, please read on.

Offshore shipping charges vary, depending on one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Distance
  2. Destination
  3. Practicality of delivery
  4. Method of Shipment
  5. Gross weight of consignment

The seller will provide a delivery price quotation to the buyer before delivery is made.

Please note: A quotation for offshore delivery will only be made when the criteria outlined above is met in full.  To request a quotation, please Email the seller at the following address: sales@thebootseller.co.uk

Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

All deliveries must be signed for as the seller or it’s *associates cannot be held responsible for damage or theft of the article after delivery.

All dates and times of delivery are estimated and the seller therefore is not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever to the buyer for any assumed inability by the seller or its *associates to meet any estimated time or date of delivery given to the buyer in good faith, whether by verbal means or electronically.

*An individual or company contracted by the seller in any way whatsoever to process Orders or deliver goods.

Delivery for some products may take substantially longer than other brands (up to 15 days).

Claims and Cancelled Orders

Section 1 Unreasonable Claims

The seller undertakes at all times, to give a full, frank and honest assessment of any item returned under claim. Claims will be refused for the following reason(s):

  1. If we consider the ‘fault’ to be no more than ‘fair wear and tear’.
  2. If we consider the ‘fault’ to be inflicted by an outside source.
  3. Where we consider the product has been used in unreasonable conditions.
  4. Where the buyer has failed to maintain care of the product.

 Section 2 Notification of Dismissal of Claim

In such cases where the seller considers the claim to be unreasonable, the buyer will be notified by Email. If the buyer requests the item to be returned, then he or she is directly responsible for carrier charges, which must be paid in advance. If the buyer refuses to pay the Carriage charges, then the buyer will hold the Goods for a further 28 days before discarding.

Section 3 Cancelled Orders

In the event of the buyer deciding to cancel his or her order, the seller must be informed by Email. We, the seller will then contact you by the same means indicating that we have received the ‘notice of cancellation’ We will then proceed to issue you with a ‘returns number’, subject to the conditions set out in Page 5 Section 2.

Please note: A request for cancellation must be made by Email within 1 days of the initial Order being placed. A telephone call is a sfer option as our order processing is generally next day.


IF the seller has supplied the buyer incorrectly, either by style, size or colour or that the product is packed incorrectly in relation to content, then we the seller will uphold the claim and pay all reasonable costs, both for the collection of the item from the buyers address and towards replacing the item.

Returns Policy


Section 1 Returns Policy

Without exception, permission must be obtained from the Seller before returning Goods.

Request permission by Emailing:  sales@thebootseller.co.uk

You must state clearly in your Email the reason for the Goods to be returned.

Section 2 Returns Procedure 

If the seller is in agreement with the request, a ‘returns’ number will be issued and sent to you by Post. For parcel identification purposes, the number issued will be printed on a gummed address label, which is to be attached to the returning parcel. Failure to comply with this instruction will mean that the parcel will be refused at ‘Goods In’

Please note: The seller is in no way responsible, financially or otherwise for the returning of Goods. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the parcel can be identified during transit and is Insured against loss or damage.

Section 3 Exchanges

Upon return all Goods are examined carefully.

Where a request is made to simply exchange the product for a different size, the seller will oblige, providing that the following criteria are met in full:

  1. That the Boots or Shoes returned are unworn.
  2. That the internal packaging content is intact.
  3. That the Boot/Shoe box is not damaged or defaced.
  4. That any logos or information attached to the product is still intact.
  5. That the product returned is still part of our advertised range.
  6. That the buyer has *paid in advance for the Carrier to deliver the replacement item to his or her address.

•    Prior to the return of Goods, the buyer will be informed by Email of the cost of carriage as outlined in section (vi).

Section 4 Faulty Goods

In the case where the product has malfunctioned and is considered by the seller to have a genuine fault, the seller will endeavour to exchange the item on a ‘like for like’ basis without further cost to the buyer.


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