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Chest Waders 

Chest Waders

Most keen fisherman have a set of chest waders and they tend to have a kind of love/ hate relationship with them. It makes a big difference if you are comfortable because it makes it almost impossible to fish effectively if you're constantly being distracted by wearing uncomfortable waders.

If you finish in cold and warm water then you'll need one pair for each type of conditions and the different types of weather in other words breathable waders for the warmer weather and more solid neoprene types for the cold weather.

Having said that, if you go for just one really good quality pair of waders then you can use different combinations of clothes underneath if needed to protect you from the cold.

A waterproof zip can be a really excellent feature and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it when you have one.

It can be a nuisance putting on separate boots but a lot of the time you'll find that you're better off with separate boots than with the attached ones when it comes to comfort and support as well as protection from water pressure when deep wading. So, ideally go for thick socks and separate boots.

When deciding whether to go for chest waders or thigh waders or just wellies it isn't just a case of how deep the water is, it can also make a big difference how cold the water is as well as the weather. You need to consider if you are going to be wading or if you're in a boat.

It s always an advantage to be able to wade when you want to, even in a shallow river, especially if you have to cross the main current to follow fish. You need to go for the right boots with your waders and remember you have to accommodate the extra bulk of your stocking feet so you need to go for boots that are at least two sizes larger than your shoe size (one size larger than your wellies).

Waders also are used extensively in farming/ agricultural and industrial environments and so are now equipped with features such as steel toe caps, midsoles that are penetration resistant and with a high resistance to chemicals and cleaning products along with organic materials and minerals.

Here at the Boot Seller we have a great range of both thigh and chest waders by Dunlop and Acifort.