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  • Non-Safety Wellies

    Our site is proud to offer you a wide variety of wellies, from reputable brands such as, Dunlop and Hunter. Whatever colour, whatever size, we are sure to have something for you. This collection displays wellies ideal for leisure outdoor wear in a number of different colours. If you are on a budget, you will have no problems in finding wellies on our site as we cater for every one of our customers. We are sure to have the perfect wellies for you.

  • Safety Wellies

    We offer a number of different styles of safety wellies from brands such as Dunlop and Amblers Steel. Some of the safety features of the wellies include, steel toe cap protection, penetration resistant steel midsoles, slip resistant soles and ribbed shin and heel protection, making our safety wellies perfect for industrial use or even for use on a farm. Whatever you require, we are sure you will find what you need on our site.

  • Thigh Waders

    Our site offers a great selection of thigh waders, providing extra safety features such as, ribbed detailing that offers extra shin and ankle protection from whatever it is you may be wading through. Our thigh waders are entirely waterproof and will keep you dry no matter what you are wading in, for any length of time. Whatever colour, whatever style, we are sure to offer something that meets your needs.

  • Wellies for Women

    The wellies for women category offers the customer a choice of safety and non-safety wellies from well-known brands, such as Hunter. The wellies are available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit the individual requirements of the wearer. The safety wellies, in particular, have a number of features to ensure complete foot protection, including steel toe cap protection, penetration resistant steel midsoles and slip resistant soles. Take a look around this collection and we are sure you will find a pair of wellies to meet your needs.

  • Chest Waders

    Most keen fisherman have a set of chest waders and they tend to have a kind of love/ hate relationship with them. It makes a big difference if you are comfortable because it makes it almost impossible to fish effectively if you're constantly being distracted by wearing uncomfortable waders.

    If you finish in cold and warm water then you'll need one pair for each type of conditions and the different types of weather in other words breathable waders for the warmer weather and more solid neoprene types for the cold weather.

    Having said that, if you go for just one really good quality pair of waders then you can use different combinations of clothes underneath if needed to protect you from the cold.

    A waterproof zip can be a really excellent feature and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it when you have one.

    It can be a nuisance putting on separate boots but a lot of the time you'll find that you're better off with separate boots than with the attached ones when it comes to comfort and support as well as protection from water pressure when deep wading. So, ideally go for thick socks and separate boots.

    When deciding whether to go for chest waders or thigh waders or just wellies it isn't just a case of how deep the water is, it can also make a big difference how cold the water is as well as the weather. You need to consider if you are going to be wading or if you're in a boat.

    It s always an advantage to be able to wade when you want to, even in a shallow river, especially if you have to cross the main current to follow fish. You need to go for the right boots with your waders and remember you have to accommodate the extra bulk of your stocking feet so you need to go for boots that are at least two sizes larger than your shoe size (one size larger than your wellies).

    Waders also are used extensively in farming/ agricultural and industrial environments and so are now equipped with features such as steel toe caps, midsoles that are penetration resistant and with a high resistance to chemicals and cleaning products along with organic materials and minerals.

    Here at the Boot Seller we have a great range of both thigh and chest waders by Dunlop and Acifort.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items


Wellies or Wellington boots (also known as gumboots) typically have a round toe and are generally quite wide and flat. They will tend to fit best when worn with thick socks or two pairs of normal socks and you should expect a good few years of wear from them.

It is always a good idea to buy a size welly larger than your normal size shoe and when you're buying them you may want to look at getting some special socks specifically designed for wearing with wellies. The ideal situation or environment for wellies is rainy days in the park or a winter picnic, at a shooting party or maybe a Guy Fawkes night. The most popular times to wear wellies are for gardening when it is muddy, maybe music festivals or visits to a farm, going to country fairs orl even when rowing and when playing in the snow.

When you're wearing wellies you need to tuck your trousers or jeans into the welly boots to keep your legs and feet dry and avoid getting mud on your trousers particularly when you walk in a deep puddle. Another common thing to do when putting on wellies is to pull your socks over your jeans/trousers.. sometimes it's good idea to fold them first before wrapping socks over them to keep your feet warm and cosy and avoid your trousers bunching up inside the wellies.

Wellies are traditionally found in green or black which makes them easy to match almost any outfit; green being a very popular colour amongst countryfolk and hunting people. For this reason green wellies are often called classic green hunter wellies and can look just as good with corduroy trousers & tweet jacket or blue jeans and a T-shirt and for girls/ladies a summer dress as is often seen in rock festivals.

As for wearing wellies when horseback riding, the jury is divided; some people think it's very unsafe, other people think they are ideal. They're certainly not ideal for driving, as your control over the vehicle can be compromised although it can be acceptable for riding a motorcycle or quad bike.

Steel toe capped wellies are ideal for when working in an environment where something heavy can drop on the feet or when you're operating dangerous machinery like a chainsaw, in which case heavy duty ribbed and steel protected reinforced willies are the way to go.

One thing wellies are definitely not suitable for is hiking, as they will tend to rub the feet. If you're walking through an environmentally sensitive area, a farm or water way that is protected, make sure you clean your wellies thoroughly before you wear them again and be prepared have to take them off before you enter a shop or cafŽ or pub (or, of course, someone's house).

Here at TheBootSeller we have a really excellent range of wellies and waders. We have exhaustively researched the market to find what we believe are the best in quality and value for money from suppliers such as Dunlop and Amblers. We stock safety willies, non- safety wellies, thigh waders for both men and women as well as chest waders and our range of waterproof wellies are some of the best in the industry.

Our Amblers waterproof wellies that are rated SRA for slip resistance are available in sizes 4 to 12 and offer a very high level of protection against both water as well as a range of chemicals and organic contaminants.

We have safety wellies from both Amblers and Dunlop with steel toe caps, if needed, with advanced features such as penetration resistance slip resistance and ribbed design for extra strength we optically proud to offer our Dunlop bureau for range of safety wellies the come with steel toe cap as standard with high degree of penetration resistance with a steel midsole and they provide excellent thermal installation as well as slip resistance these wellies are available in sizes 3 to 14.