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Safety Footwear 


  • Safety Boots

    As well as composite toe cap safety boots, we stock steel toe cap safety boots, the ultimate boots in safety protection. The toe cap is incorporated into the toe of the boot offering the very best reinforcement to that area of the foot, whilst also preventing underfoot penetration through the use of a midsole. Many believe steel toe cap safety boots to be arduous and heavy to wear, however this is not the case.

    The safety boots we stock are in fact very trustworthy and durable. The majority of our safety boots also offer the very best in foot comfort with features such as, padded collars and tongues, and energy absorbing heels. Lightweight rubber soles have been used when constructing the safety boots resulting in greater slip resistance, heat resistance and a more enjoyable wear throughout the day.

    The aim of our safety boots is primarily your protection, however it is the materials that increase the durability of your purchase. All our safety boots are ideal for wear in industrial or outdoor environments, conforming to either the EN345 standard or the ISO20345 standard, that require the toe cap to withstand 200 Joules of impact.

    Product availability is no longer an issue, everything you need is right here! We stock the very best brands in safety footwear, including Amblers Steel, Timberland, Centek, CAT and Dr. Martens, offering you a wide variety of styles and colours. Have a look around our site and we are sure you will find something that suits your needs.

  • Safety Shoes

    For those times when you are required to look smart in the workplace but at the same time need to protect your feet, then safety shoes are for you. Our site offers you a wide variety of safety shoes to fill your needs, from plain styles to more stylish brogues, we have it all. Not only do we sell lace up safety shoes but we also sell a slip on variety, providing the same level of safety at a greater convenience. Everything you are looking for can be found here.

  • Work Boots

    With our vast array of work boots, you are guaranteed to find the boots you've been looking for. The brands we stock include Amblers Steel, Timberland, Dr. Martens, CAT and Centek, offering a wide variety of styles for you to choose from. Each work boot, available on our site, comes with a detailed description of all its safety features, providing you with enough information to make an informed decision. Some of the safety features include, slip and heat resistant soles, toe cap protection, penetration resistant steel midsoles and much more. The work boots we stock offer a wide range of prices, so there is something for everyone, even if you're on a tight budget. As well as this, we also stock a wide range of shoe sizes, from ladies size 3 up to mens size 15 in selected models. Our website provides you with so much to choose from, whatever your occupation or budget, you can't be anything but impressed.

  • Waterproof Boots

    Our site provides you with a large variety of waterproof boots to choose from. This category includes some of our top brand safety footwear from Amblers Steel, a highly trusted brand that produce products of the highest quality. This collection contains a large number of waterproof boots that also provide all the safety features required in hazardous work environments. These features include, heat resistant soles, toe cap protection, penetration resistant midsoles, as well as energy absorbing heels and thinsulate linings for comfort and warmth in cold temperatures. No matter what your safety footwear requirements are, we guarantee that there will be something in our collection that suits your needs, at the right price.

  • Safety Trainers

    Our collection of safety trainers provide you with everything from the comfort and slip resistance properties of a trainer, to the safety features expected of safety footwear. You may think that the breathable mesh incorporated into the design of most trainers would be unsuitable to contain composite or steel toe cap protection, however, you would be wrong. All of the safety trainers available through our site conform to the EN345 standard or the ISO20345 standard which specify that all safety footwear provides protection against 200 Joules of impact. Safety trainers offer a stylish alternative to safety boots and shoes that can be worn in a number of different working environments. CAT have incorporated an anti-bacterial, cushioned insole into their brand of safety trainers for extra comfort and hygiene as well as a Taibrelle textile lining that helps keep feet dry and sweat free. Amblers have also incorporated special features, such as energy absorbing heels for comfort, and Dual Density PU soles for durability. Our range hopes to provide you with both the comfort and safety protection that you need.

  • Rigger Boots

    Our site offers a number of different rigger boots for your perusal, whether they be lined or unlined, we are sure to have something that suits your needs. The majority of our rigger boots are made from leather and have water resistant properties, however, they also benefit from soles that are resistant to oil, acids, chemicals and solvents. The boots not only protect the feet of the wearer, but they also protect themselves from wear and tear, incorporating bump caps to do this job. All the rigger boots in this category come fitted with pull on loops that make it easier for the wearer to put on their boots when wearing protective gloves, for example. We aim to think of all of our customers needs and provide products that meet all of their requirements and more, so go and explore our collection!

  • Combat Boots

    Our collection offers a number of combat boots that are ideal for any occasion, whether uniform or contract wear. The combat safety boots come with all the safety features of a normal safety boot, such as toe cap protection, penetration resistant midsoles, slip and heat resistant soles, as well as the comfort and convenience of features such as side zips, bellows tongues, and energy absorbing heels. Combat boots are perfect for those occupations where you are outside in the cold weather, as they are water resistant, the lining keeps feet warm, and the bellows tongue keeps feet dry and prevents debris from entering the boots. If you are searching for the perfect combat style safety boot, then look no further, we can provide you with exactly what you're looking for at great prices.

  • Composite Safety Footwear

    In high security work environments, where metal detectors are used and safety footwear is a necessity, employers require their employees to wear composite/non-metallic safety footwear. Our site has a variety of safety boots and shoes, made with composite toe caps and midsoles, providing excellent protection without the use of metal. Composite toe caps not only provide the same level of impact protection (200 Joules) as metal toe caps, but they are also lighter in weight. If non-metallic safety footwear is what you require, look no further!

  • Dealer Boots

    This category offers a wide range of dealer boots to choose from. Our dealer boots provide the same level of protection as normal safety boots, conforming to the same EN345 and ISO20345 standards, with a different style and feel. Although dealer boots are not lace-up shoes, the elastic sides provide the same firm fit whilst also allowing for speed and ease when putting on and removing the boots. The brands we stock on our site are the very best, including Dr. Martens and Amblers Steel, and come in a range of colours from tan to black. If you are looking for safety footwear that is ideal for uniform and contract wear, then look no further!

  • Ladies Safety Footwear

    The only safety footwear brands that we are interested in are those that cater for all, so we are pleased to be able to provide you with a wide variety of ladies safety footwear from a large number of brands that we stock. All of our ladies safety footwear ranges will successfully protect the feet in hazardous work environments, whether it be exposure to oil, heat and chemicals, or slippy floor surfaces. Within our ladies range you are sure to find something that fits your needs as we provide safety footwear with composite or steel toe caps, to protect against heavy impact, and steel midsoles, to protect against underfoot penetration. The brands in this category have been uniquely designed to fit the needs of ladies in industry whilst offering the same great attributes as those found in our unisex footwear brands.

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Showing 25 - 36 of 103 items

Safety Footwear

Your feet are important, you need them to get around, when your feet are out of action you can't work or get about. You can't look after yourself we know how important foot protection is. Whether you are on a building site, out on patrol, working in a warehouse or driving for a living. Even when you are just out and about, or just having fun outside, there is always a need for safety footwear to keep your feet protected and safe.

The number of industrial accidents reported in the UK is very high and many foot injuries can be prevented or, at the very least, reduced in severity by wearing the right safety footwear for that situation.

The Boot Seller; committed to bringing you the best in reliable and sturdy safety footwear, providing amazing value footwear for a variety of industries. Having worked many years in the safety clothing and work wear market we have attracted a number of major companies and high quality work wear brands such as; Dunlop, Dr Martens, CAT, Amblers, Centek, Timberland and Footsure.

As a company, we have grown to supply a wide range of safety work footwear that is sturdy, reliable and very reasonably priced. All of our customers are valuable to us and no job is too big or too small. We can deliver all across the UK and we stock a wide range of safety footwear with over 50 styles and sizes from 3 to 14 - you can be sure you will find the safety work wear you need that fits your budget perfectly.

We have new lines and brands appearing all the time on our online store so you can be sure of finding the widest and most exclusive range of safety footwear on the Internet today at highly competitive prices.

The boot seller is your one-stop shop for: safety boots, safety shoes, work boots, waterproof boots, safety trainers, rigger boots, combat boots, composite safety footwear, dealer boots and ladies safety footwear. We also stock a wide range of wellies and waders

If any type of safety footwear is not listed here on our database, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll try to find the safety footwear you need.